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Wedding Realm, headquartered in New Haven, Connecticut, is an innovative online wedding planning platform with a unique approach to redefining the wedding planning experience through several distinct attributes:

Instant Pricing: Couples can access transparent pricing for selected services immediately, eliminating the need to wait for quotes.

Name Your Price: Welcome to the future of wedding planning! For the first time, couples can name the price they want for selected wedding services. You are in control!

Cost Savings: With a dedication to affordability, Wedding Realm ensures that vendor bids consistently fall within its price range, which is always more competitive than the industry standard. Couples can confidently plan their weddings, knowing they are getting excellent value.

Real Customer Orders & Serious Customers: Meaningful connections are made by sending real customer orders to vendors, benefiting engaged couples with time and cost savings and empowering vendors to connect with serious customers who have placed deposits.

Vendor Empowerment: Vendors actively participate by setting their pricing within the Wedding Realm price range, showcasing their offerings and expertise.

Our company's tagline - Visualize And Achieve Your Dream Wedding Or Wedding Business - reflects our commitment to turning visions into reality, whether it is the dream wedding couples envision, or the growth of wedding businesses.

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We help you visualize your wedding! View and interact with wedding dresses in 3D and 360 degrees. Enjoy!

We've noticed an uptick in appointments since joining Wedding Realm. Local brides tell us they found our bridal salon on the site. We upgraded our subscription and the $30 fee is a bargain. We also love that we can list our excess gowns for free on the BSC feature.


Bridal Trousseau

We're so appreciative for Wedding realm. Since claiming our page on the platform, we get inquiries that convert into appointments and subsequent sales. Joining is free, and that's very helpful for a small business like us. Thanks Wedding Realm!


Bridal Affection

The creators of Wedding Realm are incredible to work with. They are kind, professional and a real asset to the wedding industry. Whether it’s working with their two bridal shops or collaborating on Wedding Realm, I always enjoy teaming up with them!


Pink Olive Events

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