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Dedicated to efficiency and excellence, our vision is to streamline the wedding planning process for couples and empower wedding vendors to flourish in their endeavors.

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(1) Empower engaged couples with education and tools to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of their wedding planning journey, alleviating stress in the process.

(2) Educate wedding vendors about the transformative impact our platform can have on their businesses. Through our platform, vendors can optimize their services, leading to growth. We proudly showcase all vendors on our platform and facilitate connections with couples

Instant Pricing: Couples can access transparent pricing for selected services immediately, eliminating the need to wait for quotes.

Name Your Price: Welcome to the future of wedding planning! For the first time, couples can name the price they want for selected wedding services. You are in control!

Cost Savings: Dedicated to affordability, Wedding Realm ensures that vendor bids consistently fall within its price range, which is always more competitive than the industry standard.

Real Customer Orders & Serious Customers: Meaningful connections are made by sending real customer orders to vendors, benefiting engaged couples with time and cost savings.

Vendor Empowerment: Vendors actively participate by setting their pricing within the Wedding Realm price range, showcasing their offerings and expertise.

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Hamden couple works to run businesses and make inventions

(WFSB) - This month, Eyewitness News is shining the spotlight on Black business owners.

One couple from Hamden wears many hats: inventors, titans of industry, and mom and dad!

Don’t let the wide smile fool you! Mel Ehigiato is a seriously awesome businesswoman, and she hopes to inspire others as a proud Black entrepreneur.

“To me it’s very meaningful, for a lot of reasons,” said Mel. “Representation does matter.”

Mel and her husband Ide are building an empire. Their two bridal affection stores in Hamden and New Haven are just the tip of the iceberg!

“If you look at all our businesses it’s about solving problems, bringing value and making people’s lives better,” Ide said.

The Ehigiato’s patent pending invention, Never Scrape, helps cover, protect, and remove snow and ice from cars in seconds! Ide dreamt it up to solve a problem.

“In the winter every morning I have to remove the snow from my car and her car,” said Ide. “And I said there’s gotta be a better way to do this.”

After a lot of hard work never scrape was born, but the Ehigiatos were just getting warmed up!

When the couple began studying the issues their bridal salons face, the same question echoed in Ide’s mind.

“Naturally my brain goes there’s gotta be a better way,” Ide said.

So Ide and Mel created the solution.

They developed Wedding Realm, a brand-new wedding platform that matches brides and grooms with vendors who provide instant estimates.

The Ehigiatos believe wedding realm will be their biggest success, aside of course from their beautiful family.

They hope their paths inspire their daughters, 19-year-old Faith and 12-year-old Arielle, to think big.

“The constructs that we build in our mind can either box us in or set us free,” said Mel.

Mel and Ide know that as Black business owners they’re not just making a profit, they’re making a difference.

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