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We are the most comprehensive wedding directory in the world, and we help you visualize your wedding like never before! At Wedding Realm, we help you visualize all aspects of your wedding...before your special day. Your wedding planning process just got easier.

What if we told you that you can view your dream wedding gown or tuxedo in 3 dimensions? Instead of still photographs, you can spin your dress around in 360 degrees and see all the details. Do you live on the West Coast, but want to get married on the East Coast? Why fly over to visit wedding venues? Save the dough and take a virtual tour of welding venues from the comfort of your home. Instead of 2 dimensional still pictures of wedding cakes, flowers, Jewelry, etc, view 3 dimensional, interactive photos that allow you to appreciate the details better. The possibilities are endless. Welcome to a new way of visualizing your wedding! Welcome to wedding Realm!