3 Best wedding venues in San Angelo, TX

A wedding is a time of transition that demands much forethought and preparation. Weddings are joyful and unforgettable occasions because of several factors that benefit the happy couple as well as their guests. But first, if you want your wedding to go off without a hitch, you must consider where you'll be saying your vows.

The significance of picking the perfect venue for a wedding is undisputed. You may expect your venue costs to account for a significant portion of your wedding budget, but it's worth creating the wedding of your dreams and ensuring everyone has a good time. Similarly, your location depends on the number of people you invite, the decorations you use, and how you arrange the space. Think about how it will look in your wedding photographs.

Afterward, the process of reserving a wedding location may be daunting for some. Having all the necessary information allows you to make the best decision for your wedding venue. Meanwhile, you're behind the eight ball if you need the complete information. Therefore, let's discover the most thoughtful and affordable wedding venues in San Angelo, TX.

#1 Cain’s Cove

Let’s begin first with Cain's Cove, which is the top-of-line wedding venue in San Angelo, TX. Cain's Cove is a must-see and thoughtful venue if you have always dreamed of getting married on the water. A genuine surprise awaits everyone in the picturesque scenery. With a beautiful lakeside pavilion, a large banquet hall, meticulously maintained grounds, and a patio overlooking the lake. Cain's Cove has rapidly gained a reputation as one of the most popular venues for weddings and celebrations since opening in 2005. Visit Cain's Cove and discover why hundreds have said: "I Do". 

Additionally, When looking for the ideal area to unwind, have fun, and build memories with loved ones, Cain's Cove is hard to beat because of its refreshing breezes, breathtaking scenery, and sunsets. Take off your shoes and walk barefoot on the soft, green grass of Cain's Cove, or picture yourself relaxing with your family in the shade of our patio while gazing out over the lake and park.


Cain's Cove is a popular destination for gatherings of various kinds. After seeing the lavish gardens, dining hall, and expansive terrace facing the lake, most guests will know they have found the right venue after a few seconds.

Company Parties

Cain's Cove is the thoughtful and affordable hideout on Lake Nasworthy for every sort of wedding you desire. Likewise, the serene and secluded lakeside location elevates each and every occasion. Booking your next event at the hideout will make you stand out from the crowd and show your guests that you care uniquely and memorably.

On the other hand, Cain’s Cove offers you the following;

  • Dance Floor

  • Banquet Hall

  • Gazebo


In addition, Cain's Cove prices vary according to the season and date. Don't wait until the last minute to contact the administration, pick up the phone, and discuss your event’s details today.

#2 The Cactus Hotel

Classic Wedding Venue

Even though the Cactus Hotel no longer offers overnight rooms, it still provides memorable experiences for upcoming brides and special occasions. The Cactus Hotel can accommodate small or large groups of guests for any special event, from weddings to proms.

A Perfect venue for a wedding and celebration!

Cactus Hotel’s lobby can accommodate up to 200 guests for ceremonies and is illuminated by natural light. Brides may opt to stroll down the Grand Staircase or be married at the base of the staircase. Both variations give a lovely display!

In addition, your next event will take place at the Historic Cactus Hotel. Whether you're hosting a small group of friends or your whole high school reunion, our historic hotel will offer Old World elegance and charm to your celebration. 

Here are a few of their marquee rooms that will lend life to your event;

  • The Lobby

  • The Green Room

  • The Ballroom 

  • The Meeting Room

  • The Mezzanine

  • Top of the Cactus

The Lobby

The Lobby is accented with blue and gold Spanish tiles. An ornamental check-in area is still in existence - today, it is used for food or beverage station, gift collection, or DJ area. The ceiling of the lobby is a large skylight. 

Further, decorative gold Spanish with blue tiles covers the lobby floor. The ornamental check-in desk is still around, though it's used for something else, such as a food and beverage station, a gift collection desk, or a dance floor. Skylights cover the ceiling of the foyer.

Events that work well in the Lobby are:

  • Music events (such as the ongoing Cactus Jazz Series)

  • Fashion shows

  • Wedding Receptions

  • Wedding Ceremonies

  • Fundraisers

  • Political Rallies

  • Bridal Shows

The Green Room

Their newly updated bridal suite and hospitality area is the green room. The room got its name because of the cozy green tones used in the design. The room is perfect for bridal and other specialized wedding shoots.

The Ballroom

Likewise, whenever possible, events are held in the ballroom. There are six windows to the ceiling, a hardwood floor, three enormous crystal chandeliers, and ceiling murals that give the room a sophisticated look. The Ballroom's size and layout make it suitable for various events. Up to 350 guests can be accommodated in the Ballroom.

  • Wedding Ceremonies / Receptions

  • Elegant Parties

  • Banquets

  • Political Rallies

  • Dances

  • Celebrations

  • Quinceaneras

Cactus Top

Moreover, the Top of the Cactus is ideal for your wedding ceremony and celebration. The Top of the Cactus can accommodate up to 150 people and offers panoramic views of San Angelo, Tx. 


Cactus Hotel's rates vary depending on the type of room you select among their offerings and the nature of your event. For more information, please visit their pricing page.

#3 Stars on the Concho

On the banks of the Concho River, Stars on the Concho is a horse ranch converted into a magnificent wedding and event site. The expansive West Texas sky is abundant, as are spectacular sunsets.

Furthermore, their amenities include their "Main Hall" barn, a spacious Bridal Suite, Casita, and Open-Shed barns, all of which serve as distinctive elements with an "elegant rustic" appearance. They can host up to 350 individuals under cover, protecting your visitors from severe weather. Two sets of enormous barn doors in their Main Hall provide access to the outdoor dance floor and different reception venues.

The venue uses include:

  • Indoor or outdoor ceremonies

  • Photo sessions

  • Corporate Parties

  • Receptions

  • Rehearsal dinners

  • Birthdays and Anniversaries

  • Business functions/meetings


Likewise, please contact them if you plan a wedding or any event. With their beautiful venue, you can celebrate your special day in style!

#4 Bentwood Country Club

At Bentwood Country Club, they've revolutionized the concept of family pleasure. Visit and book the place and enjoy the best amenities. The top priority is to always go above and beyond for the members and guests. To that end, we work hard to keep our facilities in top shape so that you can enjoy wedding ceremonies and engagement events.


Moreover, the pricing is as per the nature of the event and the selection of the amenities they are offering.


In a nutshell, it entirely depends on your mood where to celebrate your event of, wedding, engagement, reunion, etc. So select wisely to enjoy it nicely.