Best Places To Buy Jewelry In Alabama For Your Wedding

The engagement ring is only the start. Modern brides are decking themselves out with jewelry that will endure from the rehearsal dinner to the send-off brunch at the venue. Also, wedding dresses are going beyond the white worn on the wedding day. Even better, wedding jewelry has become "reusable," and now, more than ever, couples are selecting ensembles that can be worn long after they say "I do." Investing in jewelry that spans weekend weddings is also a sustainable approach to event dressing.

So, if you're seeking a piece of jewelry that will last a lifetime and fits well into your budget, your quest is over! A selection of Wedding Realm's trusted jewelry retailers is provided below to help you narrow down your search for the best jewelry.


Macy's, founded in 1858, is the Great American Department Store - a famous retailing brand with over 580 locations in Birmingham and around Alabama. They serve soon-to-be newlyweds all around the world and in the city that never sleeps. Macy's distinguishes itself via great customer service, product expertise, and reasonable rates.

They specialize in high-end watches and jewelry and want to establish genuine, honest, and long-lasting connections with their customers. Designer jewelry is available at Macy's for couples commemorating special occasions. They attempt to provide a flawless experience for each client, from evaluations and payment plans to skilled cleaning.

Levy's Fine Jewelry

Levy's Fine Jewelry is a Hoover, Alabama-based wedding and fine jewelry company. They are experts in moissanite and lab-created diamond engagement and wedding rings. This firm, which began as an online jewelry store in 2014, has now expanded to include a showroom where couples can peruse their large assortment. They believe in delivering stunning, high-quality jewelry for all budgets and styles, assisting you in finding the right ring.

Couples may be confident that their perfect item is crafted from ethically sourced, eco-friendly, and sustainable materials when they shop at Levy's Fine Jewelry. Moissanite and lab-created diamonds have the same beauty as naturally-mined diamonds, but without the work and cost. This shop offers a large selection of cuts, sizes, and carats in the ring setting of your choosing. They are also glad to collaborate with you to create a one-of-a-kind piece based on your specifications. Their items come with a certificate of authority and a lifetime warranty, and each purchase includes 12 years of free maintenance, cleaning, and engraving.


Charm was started in Birmingham, AL, by a husband and wife team who are still passionate about unique rings and stunning settings. Charm has expanded from its handmade beginnings to a jewelry firm concentrating on engagement rings, wedding bands, and loose diamonds. They have a handful of highly sought-after signature designs that have propelled the company to international prominence.

Charm is a fantastic choice if you need clarification about the sort of wedding jewelry you want or the stones you want to consider. Their emphasis on educating their consumers means that you will be patient with purchasing anything you are not certain about, as their design experts will walk you through the process. In addition, inquire about diamond trade-in alternatives and potential upgrade opportunities.

Jared The Jewelry Galleria

Jared The Jewelry Galleria is located on Taylor Rd in Montgomery. Since 2002, The Galleria of Jewelry has been a high-end jewelry store specializing in wedding bands and engagement rings. They provide a carefully chosen range of items from great designers, but the master craftsman at the core of the enterprise is Douglas Elliott. Their designs have appeared in Harper's Bazaar, Vogue, Brides, and other publications.

Their designs are timeless and elegant, with a simplicity that lets the diamonds show through. Jared The Galleria of Jewelry has a large assortment of ready-to-wear engagement rings and bands. They may also make your fantasy ring, bracelet, or necklace to your exact requirements. Set up a private diamond viewing appointment with them.

Osborne's Jewelers 

Osborne's Jewelers has been one of the most reliable jewelry stores in Huntsville and Athens, Alabama for over 36 years. They are long-standing jewelers that have expanded from a single store to a chain of two stores carrying a wide variety of jewelry brands. They are a family-owned business that has been providing quality diamonds, fine jewelry, watches, gifts, bespoke pieces, and jewelry repairs to satisfied customers for decades.

Osborne's Jewelers strives to make every customer "feel at home" through friendly, attentive service and innovative takes on timelessly traditional jewelry styles. Their dedication to quality service over many years has earned them a solid reputation for honesty and reliability in the marketplace. Osborne's Jewelers has made it their life's work to maintain an unwavering commitment to honesty, integrity, competence, fairness, and value in all aspects of their jewelry.

Sabghi Jewelers

Established in Huntsville, Alabama, in 1982 by David Sabghi. They also have a branch in Fayetteville, Tennessee, and they are one of the best jewelers there. His early experience in his grandfather's jewelry sparked a lifelong interest in the field. David's first job was in the jewelry industry. Nasrin Sabghi, his wife, also became involved in the company. Sabghi Jewelers is well regarded as a trustworthy establishment that provides excellent service at competitive pricing. In business for over 36 years, their years of experience and service have built a legacy of integrity and trust with their customers.

Sabghi Jewelers can help you locate the right present for every occasion and any budget, whether you're looking for gold, silver, platinum, or diamonds. Sabghi Jewelers gives its clients the attention and care they should have from a jeweler. Sabghi Jewelers is committed to customer satisfaction and stands by the superiority of our products.

David's Jewelry

David's Jewelry is a wedding jeweler based in Huntsville, Alabama. This jewelry store has been at the top of its field since 1988 and has an unparalleled selection of fine stones, timepieces, and more. Their staff members are well-versed in horological and jewelry history and repair techniques, making them an ideal complement to the store's magnificent stones. The fine timepieces sold by this firm have been at the cutting edge of design and craftsmanship for over 30 years.

A wide variety of luxury watch and jewelry labels are available at David's Jewelry, including Rolex, Blancpain, Bulgari, Hermes, Gucci, Grand Seiko, and many more. David, the store's proprietor, and a lifetime diamond aficionado handpick every brand, ensuring he only offers his customers the finest. The group provides services including diamond certification, cleaning, and assessment for the nearly wed's high-end jewelry. 

Customer satisfaction is guaranteed with precious products by offering ring size and stone upgrades. This shop also features collections from many time periods and genres, such as antiques, costume jewelry, and designer rings. This jewelry has long been regarded as a mecca for those in search of fine-quality timepieces, wedding bands, and other adornments.


We know it’s cliché to say that jewelry is for generations, but it holds some wait. Maybe the jewelry you are buying today will be passed as an heirloom, but it is a far-off thing. Currently, your wedding is drawing near, and Wedding Realm wants you to steal the show with the best jewelry you can get.