6 Best Wedding Bands in New Hampshire

So you plan to tie the knot in Granite State (New Hampshire)! As you prepare for your big day, you'll want to ensure you have the perfect wedding band to set the tone for your celebration. With so many options, finding the best of the best can be overwhelming. But fear not. Wedding professionals at Wedding Realm have researched for you! Here’s a compiled list of the top 6 wedding bands in New Hampshire that will make your special day truly special. 

From romantic ballads to upbeat dance numbers, these talented musicians bring their unique sound and style to create an atmosphere that perfectly fits your wedding vision. Let Wedding Realm relieve the stress of finding the perfect wedding band for your New Hampshire nuptials. So you can focus on making lasting memories with your loved ones.

1. 39th Army Band

The 39th Army Band is like wedding planners who know how to make your wedding day unforgettable with their exceptional music. They have been performing at weddings for years and know how to create a magical atmosphere that will leave you and your guests spellbound.

The 39th Army Band has a rich history of entertaining people with its music. With its exceptional talent, the band has been able to create a unique sound that is perfect for weddings. From classical to contemporary, the band can play any genre of music, making them an ideal choice for any wedding. With their professionalism and attention to detail, the band will work with you to create a perfect music set that will leave your guests in awe. Whether you are getting married in a small town or a big city, the 39th Army Band will ensure your wedding is a huge success.

The 39th Army Band is more than just a wedding band. They are a group of highly skilled musicians who have performed worldwide. They have played for foreign dignitaries and at some of the biggest events in New Hampshire. Their experience and talent are unmatched, and they bring a level of professionalism and expertise to every wedding they perform at. With the 39th Army Band, your wedding will be etched in the memories of your guests.

2. Tupelo Music Hall

Tupelo Music Hall is a wedding band that creates the perfect musical atmosphere for a couple's special day. Just like a wedding venue provides the perfect setting for a memorable celebration, Tupelo Music Hall sets the stage for an unforgettable wedding experience. With their impressive musical talents and professional touch, Tupelo Music Hall brings the perfect energy to every wedding. They understand the importance of providing the right ambiance, and their performance creates an unforgettable moment for the couple and their guests.

Tupelo Music Hall knows that a wedding is not just a day but a particular moment in a couple's life. They provide a musical experience that is as memorable as the wedding day itself. Their music brings people together, creating an atmosphere of joy and love. Their performance adds the perfect touch to any wedding, making it a day that the couple and their guests will cherish forever.

Tupelo Music Hall is a wedding band that takes the stress out of wedding planning. They work closely with couples to ensure that their performance matches the couple's vision for their special day. They provide a range of musical styles tailored to the couple's preferences, from classic hits to modern pop songs.

Their professional and friendly approach ensures that every couple feels comfortable and confident in their choice of wedding entertainment. Tupelo Music Hall brings a refreshing energy to the wedding, creating a relaxed and exciting atmosphere.

3. The Flying Monkey

The Flying Monkey is a highly acclaimed wedding band known for its high-energy performances and exceptional music. Based in New Hampshire, this band comprises seasoned musicians who use their passion for music to create a memorable experience for couples and their guests on their special day. With their extensive repertoire of songs ranging from classic rock to modern pop, The Flying Monkey knows how to keep the party going all night. They are popular among couples looking for a wedding band that can provide top-notch entertainment.

The Flying Monkey is not just a wedding band; they are the officiants of the dance floor. They bring an infectious energy that electrifies the atmosphere and gets everyone on their feet. Their music complements any wedding, as they can read the crowd and play the right songs at the right time to keep the party going. As a hairstylist, they strive to create a masterpiece with each client. The band members have a natural chemistry that translates into a seamless performance, leaving everyone in awe of their talent. 

The Flying Monkey also works closely with videographers to ensure that every wedding moment is captured on film. They understand the importance of having a wedding video that captures the emotion and energy of the day. They are like two puzzle pieces that fit perfectly together. We provide the music, and they capture the magic of the day. Together, they create a beautiful chef-d'oeuvre that the couple will cherish forever.

4. Enosis Greek Music

Enosis Greek Music is a professional wedding band that specializes in performing live music for weddings, events, and other special occasions. They have been providing exceptional music services for over a decade and have gained a reputation as one of the best wedding bands in New Hampshire. Enosis Greek Music offers a variety of services to its clients, including live music, DJ services, lighting, sound, and more.

This band is like a reliable transportation service. This takes you on a journey through Greek music culture, providing an enjoyable experience. Enosis Greek Music comprises talented musicians passionate about preserving and sharing their Greek musical heritage. Their music transports you to the heart of Greece, where the sounds of bouzouki and clarinet fill the air, and the joy and celebration of a Greek wedding are palpable.

They are like a first-class ride that takes you on a journey through the rich musical traditions of Greece. Their music is a refreshing and professional addition to any celebration, and their positive and friendly attitude makes them a joy to work with. With Enosis Greek Music, you can be sure that your wedding or event will be a memorable and enjoyable experience for all.

5. The Press Room

The Press Room wedding band, just like calligraphers, creates the perfect strokes that complete a beautiful wedding celebration. They are a group of talented and passionate musicians who have performed at numerous weddings, making each one unique and unforgettable. The band hails from Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and has entertained wedding crowds since 2000.

The Press Room wedding band is made up of experienced and skilled musicians who are dedicated to providing exceptional live music performances that leave guests in awe. They offer an extensive song catalog that covers various music genres, including pop, rock, jazz, and country, to cater to diverse music preferences. The band is versatile and can provide a full seven-piece band or a smaller group, depending on the wedding's size and importance.

The Press Room wedding band's performance is not just about playing music but also about creating a memorable experience. They create an atmosphere that resonates with the wedding's theme. The band's music has a refreshing and professional tone that uplifts the guests' moods and makes them feel part of the celebration. With The Press Room wedding band, guests are sure to dance the night away and leave with exceptional memories.

6. Casino Ballroom

The Casino Ballroom is a renowned wedding band that adds a touch of class and elegance to any wedding celebration. Just like bridal attire is an essential aspect of a wedding, Casino Ballroom is a crucial part of wedding entertainment that creates an unforgettable experience. This band has been providing exceptional live music performances for over 50 years. This makes them a trusted choice for couples looking for an experienced and professional wedding band.

One of the unique features of Casino Ballroom is its ability to customize its music to match the wedding theme and preferences of the couple. They have a wide range of music genres that they can play, from classics to contemporary hits. Whether the couple wants a romantic ballad or an upbeat dance number, Casino Ballroom can deliver with its exceptional talent and top-notch musical equipment. Their music selection and delivery are like the perfect seasoning that enhances the flavor of a dish, leaving a lasting impression on the guests' minds.

Apart from its exceptional music performance, Casino Ballroom brings an energetic and lively atmosphere to the wedding reception. They know how to keep the guests engaged and on their feet, ensuring everyone has a great time. They can read the crowd and adapt to their energy levels like a skilled chef who can adjust the seasoning based on the guests' taste.