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Wedding Realm has a comprehensive directory of wedding vendors that keeps growing daily. We help people visualize their wedding like never before! At Wedding Realm, you are able to discover esteemed small businesses that may be hard to find, as well as large well-known establishments. As you plan your wedding, visualize and interact with wedding products and services in 3 dimensions and 360 degrees!

Hello Bridal Store owners, join our Bridal Store Collaboration (BSC) community where bridal professionals like yourself help each other solve excess inventory, and other problems. Bridal professionals can Sell, Purchase, Loan, or Swap bridal products and services with each other on Bridal Store Collaboration (BSC).


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We've noticed an uptick in appointments since joining Wedding Realm. Local brides tell us they found our bridal salon on the site. We upgraded our subscription and the $30 fee is a bargain. We also love that we can list our excess gowns for free on the BSC feature.


Bridal Trousseau

We're so appreciative for Wedding realm. Since claiming our page on the platform, we get inquiries that convert into appointments and subsequent sales. Joining is free, and that's very helpful for a small business like us. Thanks Wedding Realm!


Bridal Affection

The creators of Wedding Realm are incredible to work with. They are kind, professional and a real asset to the wedding industry. Whether it’s working with their two bridal shops or collaborating on Wedding Realm, I always enjoy teaming up with them!


Pink Olive Events