Frequently Asked Questions

Wedding Realm | FAQ

Q: How is Wedding Realm different from other wedding sites?

Wedding Realm is the most comprehensive wedding directory in the world. Our vendor search feature uses advanced algorithms to locate wedding vendors. We provide instant pricing and cost savings to customers. we also provide real customer orders to our vendors.

Q: How do I interact with the 360 images on Wedding realm?

On mobile devices: To rotate, swipe left/right. To zoom, pinch in/out or double tap the screen. To drag, while in zoom mode, press down on image and drag.

On desktops: To rotate, click and hold left mouse button, then spin. To zoom, click or double click image. To drag, while in zoom mode, press and hold the left mouse button and drag.

Q: I am a vendor. How do I add my business to Wedding Realm?

We are glad you asked. Adding your business to Wedding Realm is FREE! Yes, your read it right. COMPLETELY FREE! Why? Because we want users of our website to be able to easily find every wedding business in the world. It's that simple! So, first search for your business by just typing in your business name. Don’t worry about filling in all the fields. Our powerful algorithms are also very smart. Your business will magically show up if it is in our database. If you find it, just press the “Claim” button and follow the process for verification. If you don’t find your business on Wedding Realm, no worries! You can “Join” and “Add” your business. Make sure you sign up as a vendor. It’s that easy. See our plans and pricing here.

Q: I am a blogger. How do I get my blogs featured on Wedding Realm?

We love collaboration! Please reach out to us through our contact form for more instructions. If you have some samples of your work, we’d love to see them. If we publish your work, we will add a link to your website to give credit where credit is due.