Best Petite Dresses For Mother Of The Bride

With this newfound freedom comes an abundance of stylish alternatives that might make it difficult to choose an outfit for the mother of the bride. If the mother of the bride is petite, the selection of attire is a great problem. Now it's time to figure out what to wear and how to select the dresses, so you look fabulous on your wedding day.

The mother of the bride should traditionally wear a color that coordinates with those of the bridal party attire (though not necessarily match). Likewise, wait until your daughter decides on bridesmaid gowns before starting your own search. Ask for a fabric sample to take with you; it will come in handy when choosing a complementary shade. It will also help in selecting the jewelry you want. 

If your daughter foregoes the uniform bridesmaid dresses in favor of individual outfits in a similar shade, stick to one or the other. If she specifies that her attendants wear black cocktail dresses, you may choose a silver or gray option instead. A dress in navy might also work if she and her friends wear cobalt blue. The experts agree that one hue to avoid is the bride's dress. Even though you should try to appear beautiful, the bride should be the center of attention.

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Now jump further to the discussion, like a DJ jumps from one track to another to maintain the rhythm of your wedding day.

Take on New Trends: Fashion-Forward Dress Ideas for Moms

Mothers of the bride and groom should have a lovely dress to wear on the wedding day, although most choose a shorter style rather than a full-length gown. Whether your mother is on the shorter side, prefers a more casual look, or just doesn't feel comfortable in a floor-skimming gown, a short dress is a terrific option that may vary from classic and elegant to fun and feminine. Even more surprisingly, you are not the only one who enjoys a good leg-bearing photo op! There is still a wide selection of beautiful shorts available from designers that can work with any kind of budget or style preference.

Sheath styles, A-lines, and wrap dresses look lovely in charming designs, simple colors, or sophisticated materials like silk or crepe and are perfect for parents with classic tastes. Among the favorite colors for this timeless design are black, champagne, pink, and navy blue. Unique details, such as a one-shoulder, pleated cape sleeves, or an asymmetrical silhouette, are likely to be favorites of fashion-forward moms looking to update their wardrobes with the latest trends.

The ultra-structured nature of textiles like satin or even neoprene makes it possible to demonstrate a forward-thinking sense of design with startling architectural necklines or other avant-garde embellishments. Then there are the mothers who want a dress with elaborate details for such a momentous event, such as a crystal-studded neckline or lovely lace and sequins. 

An eye-catching design is one that creates the illusion of delicate elements floating on the skin, such as those with illusion necklines or transparent long sleeves embellished with ornamentation. No matter the mother of the bride's own taste, she may choose a short dress that steals the spotlight.

Mother of the Bride Petite Dresses: How to Choose One

You will have a significant part in the ceremony as the bride's or groom's mother. You will be the center of attention throughout the wedding, from helping with the preparations to meeting and welcoming guests to appearing in photographs. So, make sure you appear like a million bucks!

So, it's imperative that you invest in a mother of the bride dress that is tailored to your exact measurements. You should consider your height when trying on dresses. Those of us who are little and pregnant can attest to the fact that it's not easy. The ideal dress for the mother of the bride or groom would not accentuate any of your flaws, such as your height or weight. For this reason, it's important to take into account your little stature.

Flatter Your Figure: Petite Mother Of The Bride Dressing Guide

Here's a short breakdown of what kinds of styles work well with your little frame.

Petite Hourglass

Gaining weight over time is totally normal for the human body. However, if your waist is still smaller than your bust, you are a petite hourglass mother. This implies you need to enhance your curves when picking the mother of the bride or groom outfits.

Technically, any dress will look nice on your small hourglass form. However, in order to maintain the event's decorum, you should refrain from displaying too much of yourself.

Petite Pear Shape

Women who have the pear shape sometimes feel self-conscious about their pronounced thigh region. A mother of the bride should choose an outfit that emphasizes her upper body.

Choosing a dress that draws attention to your waist is also important. Dresses with a little flair in the skirt are the way to go.

Petite Inverted Triangle Shape

Mother of the bride and groom outfits tend to be tighter, so ladies, try splurging on some thigh-highs or a tummy tuck. Women with more triangular shape should avoid accentuating their broad shoulders. It follows that you should choose a dress with deeper hues. You can also add statement earrings or necklaces to draw attention to your face rather than your shoulders. In short, choose a dress with a wrap or v-neck cut. You may also choose an A-line skirt to help you achieve a fuller bottom.

Petite Apple Shape

Apple-shaped women have slender legs and a broader midsection. And so your concentration must be on highlighting your slim legs. Dresses that hit just above the knee will do the trick. You'll appear much taller in these outfits. A shift dress silhouette is ideal for a petite apple shape. There is a tendency for this type of dress to draw attention away from the midsection.

Petite Rectangle Shape

Petite rectangular body type ladies need to create curves. You need to dress in a way that emphasizes your feminine attributes.  Having a dress that has feminine details will also enhance your body.  Wear a dress with a belt that might help you look like you have an illusion of a waist. You may add some feminine touches, like laces, to your athletic look and make it more approachable.

Fashion Tips For The Petite Bride's Mom

Mothers of brides should keep these suggestions in mind when choosing the dresses:

  • You won't stick out from the bridesmaids if your dress is the same color as or very close to the bridesmaids' outfits.

  • Go for a hue that stands out from the mother of the groom's attire. It's acceptable if each mother wears a different color dress to the wedding, as long as the overall palette is consistent.

  • Even during formal weddings, the bride and groom may choose the appropriate length of the dress or gown. It is acceptable for women to wear long dresses or skirts to any wedding after midday.


While everyone will be staring at the bride, you still want your mom to look amazing on the big day. So, which designers make the most beautiful gowns for the mother of the bride to wear during her daughter's wedding? Long gone are the days when the mother of the bride was expected to appear matronly and the flat piece of advice that she should wear beige since it goes with everything. As long as it is appropriate for the wedding theme, bridesmaids nowadays may wear anything from a formal gown to a short dress or even a skirt and jacket.

The mother of the bride is, of course, a crucial figure. Her attire should complement rather than match the bridesmaids' gowns so that she may stand out from the crowd. If your bridesmaids are wearing gold, your mother of the bride dress might also be gold but with a darker tone. Moreover, in terms of color choices for the mother of the bride's dress, navy is the most popular choice. Blush and nude tones are also quite fashionable. Conversely, white, black, and red are the colors to avoid.