Best Wedding Cake Bakers In South Dakota

From the majestic mountains to the rolling hills, South Dakota's landscape sets the stage for a romantic and unforgettable wedding day - complete with a show-stopping wedding cake.

Wedding cakes are a vital part of any wedding celebration. Not only do they provide a tasty dessert for guests, but they also serve as a decorative element in the reception. The wedding cake is often the centerpiece of the reception, and it is traditional for the newlywed couple to cut the first slice together as a symbol of their commitment to each other. There is no denying that  wedding cake is undoubtedly the center of the whole venue at the moment.

The wedding cake is also a symbol of abundance and good fortune for the newlyweds, and it is often shared with friends and family as a way to celebrate the couple's new life together. In some cultures, the wedding cake marks the transition from single life to married life and a rite of passage. Thus cakes hold the same importance as much as choosing your wedding venue, jewelry or a florist for that fact.

Therefore, while planning your wedding, choosing a wedding cake baker whose cakes are renowned for their deliciousness and beauty is essential. This is why the wedding realm is here to assist you further in selecting the best cake makers. You should start by looking for a cake baker with experience creating the style of cake that you want and who has received positive reviews from previous customers—moving on to the cake baker, who is an expert.

Glorious Cakes

Following a series of steps is crucial to ensure everything goes smoothly with your cake at your event. This includes booking and securing your date, participating in the design process, selecting flavors, making payments, and considering delivery options. Creating a spectacular cake requires a lot of time, attention to detail, and love. To give all clients the time and attention they deserve, Glorious Cakes limits the number of cakes it creates during any given time period, especially during peak wedding season. The ace up their sleeve is that they take delivery on themselves and transport your cake to you by themselves. The calendar fills up quickly, so plan well in advance.

Cake Tasting

Cake tastings, which include sampling the bakery's most popular cakes and fillings, are available for orders of at least 50 servings. During these tastings, clients get a chance to see the cakes' quality, style, and composition. Up to four people can attend tasting sessions for $30. Finalizing flavor selections for the cake and filling at least 30 days before the event is essential.

Design Consultation

The design consultation is a crucial part of the ordering process for weddings or other large celebrations. It can be conducted over the phone or in person. To help you visualize how the cake should look, bring along inspirational materials such as color samples, photos of other cakes, party themes, invites, and photos of decor or other details. These materials can serve as a basis for creating a centerpiece cake that is tailored to the client's specific event.

Book Or Secure Your Date

For orders with 50 or more servings, the client must submit a $100 non-refundable booking deposit and sign a client cake contract to formally book their date. In addition to the deposit, the remaining balance is due 21 days before the event.

Payment Forms

Glorious Cakes accepts cash, credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Apple Pay), and checks made out to the company. They only accept cash in person. More funds checks will incur a collection fee.

Delivery And Set Up 

Glorious Cakes is highly recommended for delivery and set-up services for wedding and multi-tier special occasion cakes. Delivery fees are included in the base price for venues within a 35-mile radius of the bakery. The cost of moving to locations further away depends on the distance and location. For non-tiered cakes, clients may choose to pick them up, but it is vital to make arrangements and schedule a mutually agreed-upon time. Cakes should be transported on a level surface, as a car seat is unsuitable. Please note that the client is responsible for any damages that may occur once they pick up the cake.

Cake Lady

At Cake Lady, they specialize in bringing the client's dream wedding cake and ideas for special events to life. Their team has years of experience and is able to accommodate special requests to make your wedding day, birthday, or special event one to remember. Their delicious, hand-crafted recipes are sure to satisfy both flavor and design. With three generations of family recipes, Cake Lady has the expertise to delight your palate. If you desire a wedding cake that stands out, allow Cake Lady to help you make your special day unforgettable.

Order Process Of Cake Lady

If the client has thoroughly reviewed the provided information and wishes to book the services of Cake Lady, the next step is to schedule a consultation. During this consultation, the design team will work with the client to create a custom cake design and conduct a tasting. The Agreement will also be signed, and a non-refundable retainer of 25% will be required to reserve the date. Before the event, a final consultation will be held to confirm the design and flavors, receive the final payment, and receive any necessary items, such as ribbons and toppers, for delivery.


Cake Lady prefers to keep tastings personal to facilitate a discussion about the cake's design. Having up to four attendees is recommended, but larger groups can be accommodated upon request for an additional fee.


Cake Lady offers delivery of cake-only orders at no charge. Cake Lady's cake stands or those provided by the client, the bakery can set up small desserts starting at $50. Any items the client would like incorporated into the set-up can be left onsite. 


During the consultation, a member of the design staff at Cake Lady, such as Anna, will work with the client to create a custom cake design. The cake or dessert display/vignette may include labels and flavors. The design team creates a unique and custom cake for the client's special occasion.


Within the city of Sioux Falls, delivery is free for orders of $350 or more. Delivery to Tea, Brandon, and other destinations is also available for an additional fee. To inquire about pricing, please contact the bakery. For locations outside of Sioux Falls, the delivery fee is $1.25 per mile each way.


To help complete tables and cake vignettes, Cake Lady offers a variety of rental items, including cake, stands, cupcake stands, cake tables, linens, decor, mini dessert glasses, and more. During the design and testing process, you can inquire about the total price of these rentals. In addition to this, they take care of all the wedding supplies and services you need.


Place orders at least two months before the event dates and even earlier for popular weekend summer weddings. Price guarantees are only applicable for six months prior to delivery, after which prices are subject to change.

The team at Cake Lady is eager to work on creating the perfect items and flavors for your event. If you are still looking for something specific that you desire on the menu, please let them know. They enjoy coming up with new flavors and are happy to accommodate special dietary needs. Cake Lady can offer you multiple choices according to the wedding budget you have allocated.

Manna Bakery

Manna Bakery has the experience and skill to design custom cakes for any occasion. If you just need inspiration or if you want to tell your event story with a cake, Manna Bakery can help. It will look beautiful and taste delicious because of its expertise and attention to detail. When it comes to your cake design, Manna Bakery is more than happy to bring your idea to life. Manna Bakery can create a cake that will enhance your celebration regardless of style or theme. To ensure that your special occasion is truly memorable and delicious, work with Manna Bakery to design the perfect cake.

With over 20 years of experience baking cakes and desserts in the Sioux Falls area, Manna Bakery Austin is ready to handle a wide range of special occasions, including weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and graduations. If you have a design in mind, Manna Bakery is happy to work with you to bring your ideas to life. 


A beautiful and delicious wedding cake will serve as the perfect finishing touch to your fairytale celebration. Imagine cutting into a decadent confection surrounded by the natural beauty of South Dakota, surrounded by the ones you love. The memories of such a special day, filled with love and surrounded by stunning flora, will surely last a lifetime.

Making your wedding cake selection process as thorough and careful as possible is essential. Besides serving as a delicious dessert for your guests, your wedding cake plays a decorative role at your reception. Prior to making a final decision, you should also ask the cake baker for references and taste their products. Choosing the right cake baker can make an essential difference to the appearance and taste of your wedding cake.

Besides enjoying the moment, take a slice of your wedding cake.