A Guide To Choose The Best Florist For Your Wedding

Flowers infuse a soft romantic touch on your big day. This could be the day you are thinking about right now. The day when you walk around hundreds of people, having flowers in your hair and carrying a beautiful bouquet. Beautiful blooms adorn everyone around you. Every eye is on you as you’re the queen of your big day. So, why not make the most out of it? 

Wedding flowers from spectacular bouquets to palatial centerpieces set the entire mood for your big event. While adding to the aesthetics, fluffy blooms instill a space with romance, beauty, warmth, excitement, color, and fragrance. Your dream wedding will leave a forever imprint on your heart if it gets the right aesthetic touch.

A wedding florist caters to that aesthetic punch and brings magic to your big day. A florist adds floral moments to your life that you want to keep in your heart forever. Your special day needs special care for floral arrangements and you need to get the right wedding florist for it. 

You might be excited yet anxious about choosing your wedding florist but don’t know where to start. Take a deep breath, Wedding Realm has got you covered! Explore the following tips below and you will surely be able to get the right florist. 

A Florist And A Floral Designer: Know The Difference

You might be scratching your head thinking aren’t they both the same? No, they aren’t! 

Both provide flower arrangement services but come with different roles. Let’s dig deep to align you with the best services you’re looking for. 

A florist is a professional who sells fresh flowers along with flower arranging services in a store. However, there are online florists now offering flower services on the internet for your ease. Florists bring the best to you when it comes to flowers. If you’re focusing on little flower-arranging segments such as bouquets, boutonnieres, or small table centerpieces, then a florist is the right choice.

A floral designer, on the other hand, works with vendors and uses flowers for creative designs. They know how to create floral pieces for weddings and events. They are creative and love making beautiful things with flowers.

Florists have storefronts while floral designers usually work online. Florists sell fresh flowers while floral designers use those flowers to offer personalized services to clients. Florists keep stock of fresh flowers in their store along with a catalog for customers. On the other hand, floral designers do not have a commercial storefront for selling their products but mostly work online from their studios. 

Most florists do delivery on a daily basis. They offer a range of stock design styles when delivering and arranging fresh flowers. They ensure the timely delivery of fresh flowers making your occasion more special. If you are looking for custom flowers, florists can bring a personalized touch to your wedding.

Determine How To Choose A Wedding Florist 

With the right flowers designed by the right florist, you can make the entire event memorable. That is why you should follow the simple steps below to determine the right florist for your big day. 

Determine Your Floral Needs

Wedding inspiration has no set date. You might be thinking about having perfect wedding years even before you get engaged. As you begin to plan your big day, you may get butterflies in your stomach. Don’t fret, this is natural.  However, planning ahead of time helps make sure things run smoothly. Wedding Realm can help accelerate your planning process. 

Choose a wedding theme. Search online and view brides' pictures using that theme. You can also view the idea by looking at friends’ or family’s wedding albums. Create a vision board by cutting out bridal magazine pictures and saving images from Pinterest. Gather all the floral content related to your wedding themes such as color, flowers, and other arrangement styles. 

You could also ask newlywed couples for suggestions. Research the floral vendors in your area who knows how to maximize the beauty of wedding ceremonies. But first, be clear with your thoughts. Organize your floral ideas. From choosing a wedding flower theme to the entire reception, there are a variety of flower ideas. 

Choose Your Wedding Flowers

Florists are creative at heart and they know how to make beautiful things! The finest selection of flowers can bring amazing beauty to your wedding. When you’re confident about your wedding theme, your next step is to choose wedding flowers. Your choices include wedding flowers that go with all types of flower arrangements in your wedding such as corsages or bridesmaid bouquets, centerpieces, your bridal bouquet, venue decor, and cake decor.

Bridal bouquets are not just for throwing. They are an important part of wedding accessories. The graceful walk while carrying a gorgeous bouquet elevates your mood. Of course, they also look nice in photos. Corsages and bridesmaids’ bouquets also look nice in wedding photos. Even when bridesmaids wear mismatched dresses,  corsages or bouquets give a uniform party look. 

Coordinate all other wedding arrangement pieces according to the wedding theme. Cake, venue, and table centerpieces should match or reflect the bridal bouquet. Consult with a few wedding florists as you create your wedding budget. Estimate the number of flowers that you need for your bridal bouquet, corsages, table centerpieces, and a boutonniere for every groomsman. 

Set Your Floral Budget 

The flowers you need for your wedding decoration and arrangements generally require almost 10% of your overall wedding budget. The cost can increase dramatically depending on the wedding size, design choices, and flower preferences. Set a number in your mind and share it with your florist. It will help your florist recommend designs and styles within your price range. If you don't want to waste any time, you should be upfront and honest about your budget. Don't forget to account for the number of bridesmaids and reception tables. While choosing your wedding florist, make sure you leave some room for additional fees and taxes. In the end, a defined budget will streamline your search. 

Create A List of Potential Florists 

It is the most important step in choosing the best florist for your wedding. While creating your list, get an idea of the florist’s work by looking at their website and or their social media accounts. When you have an overall idea of everything, simply note it down. After getting suggestions and doing a cursory online search, you can vet a list of all potential florists near you. You can also extend your list after reading popular wedding blogs or posts on social media. 


The list will include the florists following their accredited businesses. Check their business websites along with portfolios. Read their reviews and see how they are doing in your area. You can also review client testimonials. Check out their service lines as well as the experience other couples have with them. The average experience you would like for a professional wedding florist is 4-6 years. The cost will vary in this regard. Always try to hire a florist who offers manageable logistics services in addition to flowers to make sure you are not handling too many details on your wedding day. After all, your primary goal is to make your day enjoyable, beautiful, and festive. 

Do not forget about your wedding theme. The list of potential florists should solely include florists that can deliver what you need to create the atmosphere you want. The work of these florists should reflect your wedding theme. Create your final list based on your research. 

Professional florists always work in a team. They have experience, a wealth of knowledge, and creativity to give you something unforgettable on your big day. A professional florist always offers flexible services. They are flexible enough to make last-minute changes without ruining your special moment. Check out the flexibility they offer in this regard. 

Book Your Florist 

Once you connect with your desired wedding florist, share the details of your list. Listen to the florist while discussing your budget, flower selection, and wedding timeline at your first meeting. Always keep clear what’s in your mind by providing some visuals such as pictures of cakes, flowers, or any other theme inspiration. Exclude the florists from your list who are unwilling to negotiate or who do not provide any flexibility in helping you achieve your vision. 

Now move towards some legal procedures. Always review the standard contract first before signing it. Know more about their terms and policies and inquire about flexibility options that are the most relevant to you. Get a detailed quote for your order. Always Double-check the payment plan options, additional costs, taxes, or any other cancellation policies. First, talk to them on a call and better understand their work and personality. Make an intuitive decision by understanding their way of communication, how they respond, and their other work details. Determine if and how to align these details with your wedding schedule. 

Questions To Ask Your Florist 

Always compose a list of questions about their services to save the maximum amount of time. The list of questions will help you to figure out if it’s good working with them. Discover their working pattern and get the maximum concrete information that fits your wedding timeline. 

Have a look at some of the questions that you might need to ask during the whole selection process.

  • Why did you choose this profession? 

  • Are you able to work within my budget? 

  • What are your main services? What additional services do you offer? 

  • Are you confident you can produce my wedding idea?

  • What are your suggestions and ideas for my wedding theme?

  • Will you maintain direct communication with my cake baker and/or venue vendors?

  • Will you personally be present at the event for arrangements or will you send someone else from your team?

  • What payment plans do you offer? When will you accept the payment?

Choose The Best Florist: Common Mistakes To Avoid

Always be careful while choosing wedding flowers. Do not choose ones with a strong aroma or allergic reactions. This can upset other people at the wedding. Ask your florists to go for the lightly scented flowers of your choice. 

Don’t keep delaying this search. Last-minute bookings and reservations will most certainly impact your budget. The process always becomes stressful when you can’t find the right one or what you need at the last moment. After securing a venue, the first thing you should do is get the florist of your choice. Talk to your liaison at the venue to get suggestions of florists they have worked well with before making your final choice.


After choosing a florist for your wedding, do not get confused or question your decision. Confidently move with it and make the best out of it. Remind yourself that you chose the best possible florist with the capability of bringing something unique and special for you on your big day.

Final Words 

Florists play an important role in planning your big day. Keep these points in mind while choosing a florist for your wedding. Contact one of the fabulous florists on Wedding Realm today for your wedding planning.

Happy Wedding Planning!