Top 4 Wedding Videographers in Wichita, KS

The wedding day is one of the biggest days in a couple's life. Weddings can take place anywhere from destination weddings to simple ceremonies in temples to large church weddings. However, the presence of a photographer and a videographer is a staple at every wedding. Since photos are an integral part of a wedding's legacy, having a professional photographer and filmmaker, there is a must. These snapshots are your ticket to reliving your big day whenever you like. 

When an important event occurs, videos are produced in order to keep the memories. Wedding videography is as vital as wedding images since it allows you to relive your special day via its visuals, sounds, and movements. Likewise, many modern-day couples see videography as unnecessary spending. Well, whether you prefer a videographer or not is entirely up to you. But if you are among those who want to preserve your wedding day to save your big day for the last, let the wedding realm assist you by listing down the best videography in Wichita,  KS. 

Guide your Videographer

After narrowing your search to a few local filmmakers within your budget, it's time to view plenty of their previous work as references. As well as there is a wide range of styles and formats for wedding movies. Most wedding videos focus primarily on the couple as they prepare for their big day, while others provide extensive, unscripted footage of the reception's dance and celebration on the DJ’s Beat. Weddings can merely include music, while others also have speeches, toasts, and even taking vows at the venue. 

Moreover, it may even include interviews with the couple on the wedding day in the morning or prior, to making all the arrangements. Your chosen videographer should have a number of clips that you like watching. Send them some of your favorite pieces from their portfolio before the wedding. Describe in detail what it is about each case that appealed to you.

Complete Weddings and Events

Complete Weddings and Events is one of Wichita, KS's best wedding videography providers.

They provide wedding photography and planning from Start to Finish in the quad cities and know just how to capture all the best parts of your big day. Their professional wedding photographers will provide you with unforgettable images recorded in spectacular actual color and timeless black and white, all of which are suitable for displaying on the walls of your choice, both in the real world and online.

Additionally, they have numerous talented photographers specializing in weddings and other special events. They all use a blend of artistic skill and narrative skills to record those moments. Regarding photography, Complete Weddings, and Events gives the same care and consideration as all of their other services. Their photographers in the Quad Cities are ready to go above and above for any event, from lavish downtown weddings to massive corporate events.

Complete Weddings and Events offers a variety of services;

  • Photography

  • DJ

  • Videography

  • Photo Booth

  • Lighting 


Depending on the package, date, and availability, prices may vary

Wild Oak Films

Wild Oak Films are filmmakers who are passionate about telling love stories. Wedding videography can be an excellent way for you to relive the memories. It's where precious moments are stored, where memories are kept safe. The present you give each other to remember your love always, the fluttering dress that just looks perfect on you. The moment you walked down the way with flowers in your hand, each of these moments will be saved forever. 

Furthermore, to get to the bottom of who you are, unfiltered and unedited, is what they want. You have Wild Oak Films’ word that they will pay close attention, listen, and share your experience in a way that is true to you. You don't experience life as a series of still images. When you laugh, when you listen, when you move when you feel. The intimate nature of videography means that you can take in every last aspect of the event and save it in your memory forever. Wild Oak Films are offering its services overseas and are ready and eager about wedding videography. Although Wild Oak Films is based in Wichita, Kansas, they will literally travel to wherever love leads. 


Book the Wild Oak Films videography for your upcoming wedding ceremony to make it memorable in every aspect. You will receive a quote according to the requirements you specify.

316 Films

You need a stunning wedding film and photos that will stand the test of time, focus on the people in the wedding, and above all show how gorgeous you look after that skincare at the salon. This is where 316 Films come in.

Style and individuality will shine through during your wedding. As a consequence of their efforts to get to know you, they can capture those precious, fleeting moments that will stand the test of time, making your wedding gallery and video really unique and reflective of the two of you.

In addition, 316 Films hold the capacity to be open and vulnerable about your concerns and needs. You are expecting someone to come through and perform a fantastic job for you. To unwind with confidence that your appearance would be just as gorgeous as you'd planned. In order to have a fantastic experience (and know that your folks will, too). You have a wedding video or picture that surpasses all expectations.

No matter how many cameras they have or how many photos they take, 316 Films will never stop insisting that they are more than just photographers and filmmakers. They are storytellers, and they know that getting to know their subjects and characters — that's you — is essential to telling a compelling and moving narrative.

316 Films customize your style; they put forth an honest effort to learn about your needs, preferences, and goals. They’ll be sure to include these in your wedding video or photo for a truly special and personal look.


Prices of 316 Films vary depending on your requirements and the location of your wedding venue.

River City Visuals

Your wedding day is very special to River City Visuals and to you, as it should be. As your filmmaker, they want to do their best to document the event. They have expertise in showing what you have got in your venue, including decor, caterers, and bartenders. Not just that, if you are going for a destination wedding, they can capture the whole journey. Also, They want your wedding day to be fun and stress-free, so they do their best to blend in. In short, River City Visuals wants to enhance the already stunning visuals of your wedding day.

Video Production

River City Visuals’ goal is to complete your project without checking a list of boxes. In order for your audience to understand what your message is, your video must stand out. Their personal touch can make a difference.

Wedding Videography

You deserve to relive all those special moments that happen in one day. The smiles and tears of happiness can be preserved for generations to come.


People will cherish the memories they create and document for a lifetime.

The Drive-Up Mini Photo Session

You don't have time for an entire photo session?

The River City Visuals team will capture some stunning shots at your home, no matter what. Quick and Easy. To get a perfect quote and hire wherever you want for your wedding videography in Wichita, KS, fill out the form on their website.


There are many videography experts or firms out there who are passionate about their work, so choose wisely and as per your budget

Further, through wedding videography, you can relive your special day even after a decade or more, making it a worthwhile investment. At the same time, the ability to recall past events declines with age. But the wedding videography allows the newlyweds to recreate the day in their own time. Therefore, by using a videographer, you may relive those precious moments whenever you choose.

In a sense, wedding films are time travel. In the future, you can watch your wedding video and feel like you're right there in that beautiful moment. A compelling wedding film may help the happy couple stop time.