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The Acoustic Yamaha P-90 Performances with Harbinger MLS 1000 Wi-Fi Speaker in venue settings may include the Newest 17 Pavilion HP 2024 Laptop with USB Type-C Hub Pro or Blue-tooth ProSonic Recording Cloud Files. The Online Playlist Guides, Samplers with suggested Performances Booking Calendar offers clients venue settings with meet and greetings available through the Internet, phone, or video. The client blended successful experiences with their flash drive and live keyboard performance playlist favorites to complement their venue event. Paring the client through multiple periods of music offers an alternative keyboard-style setting that provides a cocktail to dining. The Electronic Piano Yamaha P-90 includes several Piano, Organ, Strings, Guitar, Drum, Bass, Vibes, Chorus, and split with variation settings allowed with ProSonic or onboard recording blends outstanding results My style of music reflects upon the classical romantic period with softer base playing accenting the melodies a client wants to hear.  My solo performances include period music from 1840 – 1990.  Special online download music comes through several publishers directly to the studio printer or PDF files to allow new selections from client requests. My performances have included Scranton Hilton Easter, Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving Brunches, Ben Acres Weddings, This Old Church Holiday Easy Listening before Film Viewings, The Waterman’s Brunches, and two Benefits, The Clear Path Veterans Sweet Heart Diner Benefits, The Phelps Mansion Candlelight Tours on Grand Piano, Roberson Manion two performances for The Holiday of Lights Festival on Grand Piano, The Polish Community Center for 50th Anniversary and 100th Year Celebrations, The Traditions for Brunches, Valentine’s Dining Events, and several religious and civic locations for holiday events, Moxie and Roma Restaurants. Education: 9 1/2 years of lessons, 3 years of studies, an Organist 40 years, and a Keyboardist 54 years. Online guides and samplers at my website.

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