5 Best Wedding Florists in West Virginia

The anticipation and excitement of planning the perfect wedding day can be overwhelming yet enchanting. The wedding venue's elegant setting sparkles with hues of ivory and pastel and delicate decorations. The enchanting melodies of live music bands playing the perfect songs add to the romantic ambiance. 

Guests chatter in anticipation, eagerly awaiting the couple's entrance through the doors, driven by a luxurious limousine. As the couple walks through the aisle towards the decorated stage. The wedding videographer records the precious moments, capturing the love and joy of the day. The wedding cake is positioned to the side, and the wedding favors are ready for the couple.

However, as the ceremony progresses, something is missing, and the ambiance feels incomplete. It is then realized that the fragrance of fresh flowers is absent, which is essential to completing the perfect wedding. The importance of the wedding florist's role cannot be overstated. 

Without their creative talent and artistry, the wedding would miss the element that brings it to life - the flowers. The wedding florist's skillful touch brings the beauty and the scent that completes the perfect day, leaving the couple with memories that will last a lifetime. 

Fear not, because the experts at Wedding Realm are here to help you choose the best wedding florist vendor for your big day.

1. Country Blooms: Blooming Happiness Across the Globe

Choosing the right wedding florist can make all the difference when it comes to wedding planning. Country Blooms is a popular choice among couples in West Virginia, and for a good reason. They offer personalized consultations and work closely with the couple to understand their vision for the wedding day. Whether you're looking for stunning centerpieces, bouquets, or floral installations, Country Blooms can help.

Services of Country Blooms

Country Blooms offers a comprehensive range of services that include bridal bouquets, boutonnieres, centerpieces, ceremony arrangements, and more. They specialize in creating custom designs that reflect each client's unique style and personality. They also offer floral delivery and setup services to ensure everything runs smoothly on your wedding day.

Country Blooms Portfolio

Country Blooms has an impressive portfolio of previous work that showcases their creativity and attention to detail. They have worked with various clients and have experience creating floral designs for weddings of all sizes and styles. Some of their previous work includes:

  • A rustic outdoor wedding with wildflower-inspired bouquets and centerpieces.

  • A glamorous black-tie wedding with cascading orchid centerpieces and crystal accents.

  • A romantic beach wedding with soft pastel floral arrangements and seashell accents.

Country Blooms Pricing and Packages

Country Blooms offers a range of pricing and package options to fit any budget. The cost of floral arrangements fluctuates based on factors such as their size and intricacy, seasonal demand, and the accessibility of specific blooms. They also offer a la carte pricing for individual floral arrangements.

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2. Oliverio’s Florist: Delivering Joy Worldwide

Oliverio’s Florist is a premier wedding florist based in West Virginia. With over a decade of experience in the floral industry, they have established a reputation for creating stunning and personalized wedding designs that exceed their client's expectations.

Oliverio’s Florist Services

Oliverio’s Florist offers a wide range of floral services to meet each couple's unique needs and preferences. Their services include:

  • Personalized consultations to discuss wedding themes, colors, and styles per your perfect wedding dress.

  • Custom floral designs for bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, centerpieces, and more.

  • Delivery and set-up on the day of the wedding.

  • Floral preservation services keep your bouquet and other arrangements as cherished keepsakes.

Oliverio’s Florist Work

Oliverio’s Florist has an impressive portfolio of previous work that showcases its creativity and attention to detail. Here are some examples:

  • A romantic garden-themed wedding with soft pink and white flowers adorning the ceremony arch, bouquets, and centerpieces.

  • A rustic autumn wedding with rich burgundy, orange, and gold flowers arranged in wooden crates and mason jars.

  • A modern minimalist wedding with monochromatic white floral arrangements and elegant greenery.

Pricing and Packages of Oliverio’s Florist

Garden Grove offers customizable wedding packages to fit different budgets and needs. Their average wedding package ranges from $500 to $4,000, depending on the size and complexity of the floral arrangements. They also offer a la carte options for couples who prefer to order individual pieces.

According to their website, the average cost of wedding flowers in West Virginia is around $500 to above. Oliverio’s Florist pricing falls within this range, making them a competitive option for couples in the area.

What Sets Oliverio’s Florist Apart

Oliverio’s Florist stands out from other wedding florists in West Virginia for several reasons:

Personalized Approach: Oliverio’s Florist takes the time to get to know each couple and their unique style and preferences, ensuring their floral designs reflect their personality and vision.

Attention to Detail: Oliverio’s Florist is known for their meticulous attention to detail, from selecting the freshest and highest quality flowers to the careful arrangement of each stem.

Commitment to Sustainability: Oliverio’s Florist sources their flowers from local and sustainable farms whenever possible, minimizing their environmental impact and supporting local businesses. For personalized wedding flowers in West Virginia, consider Oliverio’s Florist.

3. ABC Flower Co.

ABC Flower Co. is a highly respected wedding florist based in West Virginia, known for its elegant and sophisticated floral designs. Their team of experienced floral designers creates custom arrangements for weddings and events of all sizes, and they take great pride in their attention to detail and personalized service.

ABC Flower Co. Services

ABC Flower Co. offers a wide range of floral wedding services, including:

  • Bridal bouquets

  • Bridesmaid bouquets

  • Boutonnieres and corsages

  • Ceremony arrangements

  • Reception centerpieces

  • Flower crowns

  • Flower girl baskets

  • Aisle decorations

They work closely with each couple to create a custom floral design that perfectly complements their wedding style and color scheme. ABC Flower Co. also offers delivery and setup services to ensure everything is in place for the big day.

ABC Flower Co. Portfolio

ABC Flower Co. has an impressive portfolio of previous wedding designs, showcasing their skill and creativity. Their designs range from classic and traditional to modern and avant-garde. Here are some examples of their stunning work:

  • A romantic bouquet of blush pink roses and white lilies tied with a satin ribbon.

  • A whimsical centerpiece of wildflowers and greenery, set in a rustic wooden box.

  • A glamorous floral archway composed of white orchids and hanging crystals.

  • A colorful and eclectic arrangement of dahlias, ranunculus, and peonies in jewel-toned hues.

ABC Flower Co. Pricing and Packages

ABC Flower Co. offers a variety of wedding packages tailored to meet the needs and budgets of their clients. Prices vary depending on the size and complexity of the floral arrangements, time of year, and availability of certain flowers.

Their basic wedding package starts at $1,500, which includes a bridal bouquet, three bridesmaid bouquets, five boutonnieres, and two corsages. Additional items and services, such as ceremony and reception flowers, can be added a la carte.

According to their customer reviews, ABC Flower Co. provides excellent value for their work quality and service level. Many clients rave about their responsiveness, professionalism, and attention to detail.

4. Flower Power

Flower Power stands out when finding the perfect wedding florist in West Virginia. With over years of experience in the industry, this vendor has established a reputation for delivering stunning floral arrangements and exceptional customer service.

Services of Flower Power

Flower Power offers a wide range of services to help you create the perfect floral vision for your wedding day. From the bridal bouquet to centerpieces, their skilled florists can design and build custom arrangements to match your unique style and preferences. They also provide flower delivery and setup services to ensure everything is in place for your special day.

Work Portfolio of Flower Power

Flower Power has a stunning portfolio of previous work to showcase its expertise and creativity. From elegant and classic bouquets to modern and bold centerpieces, their arrangements are always visually striking and ideally suited to the occasion.

Pricing and Packages

The cost of wedding flowers can vary greatly depending on many factors, such as the size of the wedding party, the types of flowers used, and the complexity of the arrangements. Flower Power offers a range of pricing and package options to suit various budgets and preferences. Their team will work closely with you to create a customized proposal that meets your needs and expectations.

Unique Styles and Specialties

What sets Flower Power apart from other wedding florists in West Virginia is their ability to create unique and personalized floral designs. Whether you prefer traditional, modern, or eclectic styles, their team has the skills and expertise to bring your vision to life. They also specialize in creating floral installations, such as arches and backdrops, that add a touch of drama and romance to your wedding venue.

Local Industry Recognition and Awards

The local wedding industry has also recognized Flower Power for its outstanding work. They have been named one of the top wedding florists in West Virginia.

Overall, Flower Power is an excellent choice for couples looking for a wedding florist in West Virginia. With their skilled team, personalized service, and stunning floral designs, they will surely create a memorable and beautiful wedding day for you and your guests.

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5. Blooming Blossoms

Blooming Blossoms is one of the best wedding florists in West Virginia that specializes in creating personalized and unique floral designs for each client. Their team of experienced designers works closely with couples to understand their vision and preferences, ensuring that their floral arrangements perfectly reflect their style and personality.

Overview of Services

Blooming Blossoms offers a wide range of floral wedding arrangements, from bridal bouquets to centerpieces. Their services include:

  • Personal consultations to discuss the couple's vision and preferences.

  • Customized floral design and arrangements for the wedding ceremony and reception.

  • Delivery, setup, and breakdown of floral arrangements on the wedding day.

  • Rental of vases, pedestals, arches, and other decorative elements.

Blooming Blossoms Portfolio:

Blooming Blossoms' portfolio showcases various styles, from romantic and classic to modern and unconventional. Their work features a variety of flowers, including roses, peonies, ranunculus, dahlias, and many more. 

  • A classic white and green bouquet of peonies, roses, and hydrangeas, accented with eucalyptus leaves and wrapped in a satin ribbon

  • A boho-chic centerpiece of wildflowers, succulents, and greenery in a rustic wooden box

  • An elegant ceremony arch made of white roses, hydrangeas, and greenery, accented with hanging glass orbs filled with candles

Pricing and Packages

Blooming Blossoms' pricing varies based on the couple's specific needs and preferences, as well as the size and complexity of the floral arrangements. They offer customized packages, from bridal party flowers to ceremony and reception decor. According to a survey of their previous clients, the average cost of wedding flowers from Blooming Blossoms ranges from $1,000 to above.

What Sets Blooming Blossoms Apart

Blooming Blossoms' personalized approach and attention to detail set them apart from other wedding florists in West Virginia. They strive to create unique floral arrangements that perfectly capture each couple's vision and personality. Their team also goes above and beyond to ensure that the wedding day is stress-free for their clients, handling all aspects of floral setup and breakdown.

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