Best Wedding Jewelers In Ohio

Are you on a top-secret mission to find the perfect ring to propose to her? Or she might have already said, “Yes, I will,” and you are planning for your wedding. Now you don’t want your engagement ring to outshine your wedding ring. Also, this time it’s not just about rings, is it? You are going to get her a complete jewelry set that matches her dress when she walks down holding flowers in her hand.

Whatever it is, we are here with you yet again to help you make the right choice. With this Wedding Realm list of best Jewelers in Ohio, we try to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Carioti Jewelers

Carioti Jewelers is a Columbus, Ohio-based wedding jewelry manufacturer. They provide different designs with a sophisticated flair, specializing in natural gemstones and precious metals. Many of the stones they utilize are really unique, providing your loved one with a genuinely priceless gift. With this innovative method, you may select from a wide choice of unique jewelry that is full of charm and individuality.

Emily, the owner, and lead jewelry designer founded Carioti Jewelers in 2015 after struggling to find a unique wedding band at an affordable price. She took issues into her own hands and mastered jewelry design and manufacture independently. She now travels the world searching for rare jewels, producing one-of-a-kind treasures for her clientele to enjoy.

Carioti Jewelers has a large selection of rings and other jewelry, giving you many options for finding the perfect ring. Their physical store is on Cleveland Avenue; you can go there during business hours and select the jewelry you want.

Store 5a

Store 5a, based in Columbus, Ohio, provides engagement and wedding rings and other jewelry for special events. This store has been in operation for over two decades and has assisted numerous clients in finding the appropriate piece to commemorate their achievements. Expect to discover a mix of one-of-a-kind vintage pieces and new design trends in-store. Custom engagement and wedding bands can also be fashioned to meet the specific vision of the couple.

The staff at Store 5a believes in the value of friendly customer service. They want every customer to feel comfortable, so they go above and beyond to select the perfect piece of jewelry for them. Each item on the showroom floor has been hand-picked to provide something for every style. This store sells engagement and wedding rings and provides jewelry assessment and cleaning services, which are ideal for heirloom pieces.


Rubyblu is a Columbus, Ohio-based premium jewelry brand. They have specialized in bespoke designs for weddings and engagements since 1987. This store has a staff of skilled jewelry designers that will produce your ring, band, and other accessories with style.

With deep jewel expertise and attention to detail, Rubyblu adds value to every jewelry item. Their skilled gemologists are happy to assist you and your companion with jewelry and other service assessments. The remainder of their knowledgeable crew will ensure that you receive high-quality merchandise and polite treatment on your wedding day.

This jewelry store has items for every wedding band or ring, including emerald-cut and round-cut diamonds. This shop will design and construct each valuable item, whether your preference is metal, gemstone, or diamond. These products will be handcrafted or created utilizing modern 3-D printers. They also provide delicate engravings and restore ancient jewelry and timepieces.

Howard's Jewelry Center

Howard's Jewelry Center is a Cleveland, Ohio-based wedding jewelry store. It is a family-run enterprise, and its jewelry collection includes designs carefully picked from throughout the world. With so many options they have, you won’t feel like missing out on anything.

Howard's Jewelry Center is operated by jewelry artists and highly experienced specialists with extensive industry experience. They focus on pricing, quality, and style, with the goal of providing you with excellent customer service. These jewelers appreciate the significance of a couple's milestone moment and strive to assist them in finding the jewelry that would complement such an event.

Designer, vintage, and bespoke jewelry are available at Howard's Jewelry Center. Bracelets, necklaces, earrings, watches, wedding bands, and engagement rings are among the items in their collections. These alternatives range in price and style, providing jewelry to meet a variety of demands. This shop also offers engraving, repairs, cleaning, and design services. The pros here approach each job as unique, understanding that each customer's aims and expectations differ from the next.

Liza Michelle Jewelry 

Liza Michelle Jewelry is a Cleveland, Ohio-based wedding jewelry manufacturer. Every handcrafted product produced by the creative team is made with love, attention, and ingenuity. They use high-quality fabrics, diamonds, and jewels to create unique and stunning gifts for brides-to-be.

The goal of Liza Michelle Jewelry is to provide outstanding customer service and individual attention. There are lots to pick from, whether you want a personalized engagement ring or something from the pre-designed CAD collection. The staff tailors its artistic offerings to your likes and preferences. They are inspired by art nouveau and seek to make eclectic, one-of-a-kind, and modern wedding bands for their valued clientele.

You can book an initial session with the design team to discuss your concept. You may then choose your preferred gemstones, settings, and metals, and your designer will create a rendered picture for your approval. The crew is in charge of a variety of services, including ring fits and cleaning, as well as shipping and delivery.


With so many options on hand, it is simply frustrating or even tiring sometimes to check out every one of them. Sure it may sound difficult at first, but the sensitivity of this does not allow you to slack off even a bit. With Wedding Realm here to help, you can rest a bit because we have narrowed down the list soo much. For residents all across Ohio, you can just visit your nearest store and find the jewelry you need for the big day.