Hire The Best Wedding Planners in Huntsville, AL

Thinking about the wedding planning process is exciting, but there are some opportunities where your inner bridezilla may emerge. You are the caretaker of your big day, so organizing, researching, and finding the best wedding vendors could be a challenging task for you. The checklist is huge! Isn’t it? Get control of your nerves and start by hiring the best wedding planner near you. Finding a wedding planner with whom you can confidently share the burden is the first step to making the wedding process less stressful. 

Wedding Realm experts have a guide on how to find the best wedding planner in Huntsville, Alabama. Our recommended wedding planners complete the three-point inspection list—-trust, satisfaction, and cost. You only deserve the best! With lots of talented wedding vendors in Huntsville, it could be tricky to find the best one. But, this guide will blow your mind; your search for a perfect wedding planner will be done after reading this blog.


What Should you look For In A Wedding Planner? 

The marriage rate in Huntsville, AL, is high. There is a  study that says the state ranks 22 out of 51 based on the wedding ratio. On average, couples hire 14 wedding vendors for their wedding day. These wedding vendors ensure you have your special time with your fiance while seamlessly taking all the tasks into their own hands. Once you start hunting the vendors in your region, you’ll realize the process can be a hard nut to crack, but not if you do it wisely. 

Choosing a wedding planning professional is a complex process that requires a lot of patience and investment. Always do your research and then make a decision based on strong evidence. In your case look into a portfolio of their work, how well they communicate, and the wedding planning strategies they use. These factors will help you to make a good decision. 

You should know what options you have in regard to planning. Once you begin outsourcing for wedding professionals, you’ll come across many other options, such as wedding coordinators and designers. A wedding planner, wedding coordinator, and wedding designer all have different skill sets. Your choice and preferences will tell you what you are looking for. As the name says itself, a wedding coordinator is the one who coordinates with the wedding planner or vendors. On the other hand, a wedding planner can go into a full-fledged wedding preparation from catering to reception. They make a team of different vendors for different arrangements and bring a whole package to you. 

But again, your needs, budget, and choices stand out the most.

Pros Of Choosing The Wedding Planning Services In Huntsville, AL 

If you are left with a few months until your big day, it’s easy for you to lose control over your emotions, and your anxiety levels might shoot up. What do you need at this moment? You need a sanity-saver who could rescue you from this situation. Don’t forget you are right in the middle of preparing for the biggest event of your life! Nothing should bog down your excitement. It’s the right time to make the most of the wedding planning services located in your area; here is a complete guide for your assistance. 

Reasons To Hire A Wedding Planner 

There are so many reasons to hire a wedding planner for your big day; the pros outweigh the cons! Now, when you sit down and start planning the process, you might know how vast the process is. You not only need the destination of your choice, but there are florists, wedding designers, musicians, and much more in the pipeline. Without a doubt, after meeting them, you’ll know more about why you need a wedding planner. You may only be hiring them for the surface-level reason of just planning your wedding, but they can not only be a planner, but an idea person, a sanity-saver, and a local guide. 

Stay With Local Connections:

Who would connect you better with the best options in your area than a wedding planner? They know the wedding venues in your local area that they can connect you with. They are familiar with every nitty-gritty wedding detail, such as wedding venues, designers, local bands & musicians, caterers, and decorators. They do not only bring you the best available options in your town but also give you relief by helping you in the decision-making process. 

Wedding Planners Save Your Money:

Wedding planners spend their years developing relationships and making a team. They make sure to bring every service you ask for under one roof. Now, imagine! If you have to play that exact role in such minimal time, you can get overwhelmed with searching, finding options, and making the best decisions. How would you assure that every penny is invested in the right vendor? Your investment is not just for the services, but for the wedding of your dreams. So, invest your every buck wisely and most importantly invest in a suitable wedding planner. 

Creative Enough To Turn The Situation With Grace:

What do you want when you’re planning your wedding? A wedding aisle with two sides? Available wine options for guests? A white dress with or without lace? You’ll find yourself in an eternal loop. Now, with all these details, how would you be able to prevent an unwanted situation? That’s the reason a wedding planner is there. They can take you out of any uncomfortable situation and convert it into a happy situation gracefully. 

How To Find A Wedding Planner In Your Area

The actual process begins. However, the easy way to start is to look at your surroundings. Do you know a newly wedded couple? If you do and have attended their function, you might have an idea of everything they had to put together. Start talking to them. They can give you the inside scoop on local vendors and possibly give you suggestions on where to start. 

Hit Up Your Social Media:

Find some of your favorite wedding images of bridal party attire, wedding salons, or anything. For example, social media is a cool new way to search for wedding photographers in Huntsville, AL. If it’s a popular post or account, it will tell you everything about the photographer's style, budget, work, reviews, etc. That will help you to build an image of that particular wedding professional. You can also search for local planners to see who they have in their toolbelt for vendors, that might help you narrow down the type of planner you’re looking for 

Look For Reviews:  

You’ll want to feel confident that the planner you choose is worthy of your trust and money. Read what other couples have said about them. You’ll want to be able to rely on your intuition and word of mouth to trust a person that much, especially when handing over your wedding arrangements. 

Give Your Wedding Planner A Call:

Have an open discussion with your prospective professional about your wedding vision. A beautiful-looking wedding is a dream of many, but you also need someone besides you who can mediate and solve problems on the spot. You can start hiring by asking them to answer the questions compiled at the end of this guide. Ask them how many weddings they have covered and how they managed a situation when things went wrong. Inquire about every little detail and add that to your notes. The reason you're asking them all these questions is to get a feel for what they love to do or what their specialization is. 

Wedding Planner Complete Cost Guide in 2022

The wedding cost quickly increases with wedding venues, florists, catering, and so much more. Handling a budget could be a stressful part of the planning. The wedding planners in Alabama typically charge a flat fee. Isn’t it good to hear? The other paying options are according to budget percentage, hourly rate, or market competitive prices. It is a  cost structure similar to what you might have seen before. Ultimately, the price you will pay to the professional is based on two things; one, your wedding venue, and second, the services you’re asking from that wedding professional. 

Find out more about what the planners do and for what services they charge. Let’s dive right in to see the cost of wedding planners. 

Wedding Planner Costs In Huntsville, AL 

A wedding planner ensures that the planning process runs smoothly and can be an absolute lifesaver for busy couples. They are professional enough to offer countless wedding planning tips and recommendations. Always remember that there is not a one-size-fits-all in the wedding planning process. Your wedding vision is unique and different from others, so a planner will work accordingly to customize your wedding needs. 

Because of the wide range of professional services, pricing strategy also varies. The average wedding cost in Alabama is $25,000, and the state ranks 140 out of 933 metropolitan areas in the number of weddings. Newlyweds spend at least $17,000 on their wedding planning services on their big day. The more experienced pros come with a high price tag but offer top-tier services. 

Services Their Fee Includes

The services of a wedding planner cost vary depending on the professional you’re hiring. They can offer full-time or partial wedding planning services such as a day-of planner. There are also wedding planners who are specialized in one aspect, such as destination weddings. The most common service their fee includes is getting you the right wedding venue based on the number of guests. The other wedding services include organizing the information, budgeting, timelines, contracts, etc. 

There are many seemingly small tasks to create your perfect day, from assembling invitations, creating a wedding-day timeline, setting up your favorite display, and much more. You might not see your wedding professional on a day-to-day basis, and that’s how it should be! There will be several post-wedding tasks they can handle, like clean-up and breakdown, and to ensure the vendors get their tips.

A Day-Of Wedding Planner Cost 

A day-of wedding planner isn’t involved heavily in the wedding planning process and is usually hired closer to the wedding. Still, they play a big role and ensure the events run smoothly and on time. According to a study, the average cost of a day-of wedding planner is $1,000 as a starting price. The price can exceed $3,000 if you go for the most experienced day-of wedding planner. 

A Partial Wedding Planner Cost

A partial wedding planner comes on board a month or so before the wedding to deal with the last-minute tasks, including confirming vendors, seating charts, and day-of responsibilities. The average starting rate for a partial wedding planner is usually $1,200 but can go up to $3,000 if you have an experienced pro. 

A Full Wedding Planner Cost

A full wedding planner helps plan your wedding from start to finish and is usually hired early in the planning process, at least months in advance. The average starting rate for a full-service wedding planner is about $5,000, with top-tier planners averaging $5,000 to $10,000.

Hourly Rate Of A Wedding Planner

If you don’t need a full wedding planner but want a coordinator to assist with a few wedding-related tasks, you may hire a planner by the hour. Remember, not all wedding planners offer services, but some offer packages. As an hourly rate, the average starting cost of a wedding planner is around $85, but higher-end professionals typically range from $150 to $300 an hour.

Cost Of The Best Wedding Venues In Huntsville, Al 

You’re engaged and ready to embark on one of the most beautiful adventures of your life. The first thing you do will pick a date and wedding venue. Finding a site that fits your budget, offers value, and is right for your style is essential. The pricing of the best wedding venue in Huntsville, AL, varies depending on demand, seasonality, location, day of the week, and inclusions. The average venue price starts from $6,000 and can go up to $10,000 only for the venue fee, excluding food and beverage. 

Cost Of The Best Bridal Salons In Huntsville, Al

You can never compromise on your bridal look and shouldn’t. That’s what bridal salons are there for. A bridal salon is responsible for your overall wedding-day look The average price of a bridal salon ranges from $2000-$5000, excluding wedding dress charges. More affordable bridal shops offer dresses under $800. The wedding dress alteration charges add up to $300-$800. It may be worthwhile to also hire a professional hairdresser and makeup artist, it’s worth it. Even if you’re a guru of using an eyeshadow palette or curling hairs, your pros will ensure every strand stays in place, and you won’t have to worry about doing too much on the day of.

Cost Of The Best Wedding Cakes In Huntsville, Al

Figuring out the right wedding cake and budgeting is difficult, as many factors impact cake pricing. The wedding cake price is determined by the complexity of the cake flavor (i.e., white buttercream cake, buttercream frosting, bavarian white cake), finished design, venue delivery, and tiers (the more tiers mean more cake decoration). 

The average wedding cake in Alabama costs around $300. Couples also spend around $150 on the lower end and often over $800 on the higher end. 

Cost Of The Best Wedding Accessories and AttireIn Huntsville, Al

Wedding jewelry for the bride includes a few traditional jewelry pieces and attire. First, the bride’s wedding gown matters the most, and the groom’s tuxedo or suit is equally important. The bride’s wedding dress varies from ball gowns to sleek silhouettes and everything in between. A black tuxedo remains the most common choice in the groom’s attire. The wedding colors can take their place in ties or cummerbunds worn by the groom or groomsmen. Everything else is a matter of unique preference and taste. Then, there are the wedding rings. 

The more you choose, the more you have to pay for the best wedding jewelers in Huntsville, AL. When it’s wedding rings, couples mostly choose matching wedding bands. The average cost of these wedding rings in Alabama is $3500. The bridal jewelry adds elements other than the ring. Traditional bridal jewelry includes matching bracelets, zircon or diamond earrings, and possibly a necklace. In addition, brides also love to wear a tiara or hairpins with rhinestones or diamonds. These jewelry pieces complement the wedding dress, and the cost of choosing the best wedding jewelers in Huntsville, AL varies. Remember, the more you choose, the more you have to pay for wedding jewelers. 

Cost of The Best Wedding Photographers in Huntsville, Al

A wedding photographer/videographer charges include the shoot hours, prints, copies, and albums. The more hours on the photo shoot means the more you have to pay your photographer. The other factors that may impact the photography pricing are logistics (i.e. transportation, wedding destination). 

According to a study, the average prices for hiring the best wedding photographers in Alabama are $1,208. Moreover, you can expect to pay $600 for a one-hour wedding photoshoot. There are other factors that might add to that price, whether you want videography, just photos, and how long you want the photographers to stay at your wedding. 

Questions To Ask Before Hiring 

A big part of choosing the wedding planner comes from trust and personality. It’s good to start reading online reviews of your wedding planners in your area, but the best way is to meet them in person if possible. Undoubtedly meeting them and asking them a list of your own questions, is an excellent way to start the research process. The following questions can help you to get the best. 

  • How many weddings have you covered? 

  • Have you ever planned a wedding similar to mine in terms of location, style, guests, etc.? 

  • How would you manage the wedding? Do you have a team for this, or do you work alone? 

  • Will you be personally present at the wedding? 

  • How would you manage the communication with us (your clients) and the vendors? 

  • Can you show me your contract?

Allocate Your Wedding Budget Wisely 

You know you are the only one responsible for the budget. If you are shouldering most of the financial responsibility, the wedding budget represents a significant amount of money. Amid the number of higher-priced items such as catering, honeymoon, wedding attire, and photography, many smaller-priced items can truly affect the wedding budget. Untracked purchases like cake tops, picture frames, ribbons, wedding shoes, invitations, thank you cards, RSVP cards, reception napkins, etc., add up quickly even before you know it. It would help if you always had an area where you could trim the budget for compensation. 

Florist budget could be that budget spot where you can make compensation. A typical flower budget adds 8-10% of your overall budget. These include flowers for bouquets, corsages, reception, decoration, boutonnieres, centerpieces, and girls’ baskets. 

Almost 50% of your wedding budget goes for the reception, including beverages, cake, catering, rental items, servers, and decoration. Do not forget about the gifts that add almost 2-3% of the wedding budget, including favors and couple gifts, attendants’ gifts, groomsmen’ gifts, and parents’ gifts. Here you get the room for choosing to add or trim the budget wisely. The other miscellaneous charges can add 6% of your wedding budget like a marriage license, guest book and pen, cake knife, taxes and tips, and toasting glasses. 

Find time for proper research and ensure you spend every penny on the right cause. Remember, in the end; it will all be worth it. After the wedding day, you will have a number of memories that are truly priceless.

Keep Track Of Your Wedding Budget 

Staying on budget is more complicated than it seems. An ideal way to keep your budget on track and not interfere with everyday finances is to open a wedding account specifically for your budget. The account will ensure that money you saved for the wedding is truly spent on the event. You’ll be able to keep track of the purchases all under one account and monitor the charges.

You can use this account to save money you received from your family or friends. That’s how you keep it separate from the money of everyday living. Moreover, it will help you know where you are in terms of the overall budget. 

Make sure to get a credit card for the account and use this for all wedding purchases and orders. If available, try to get a reward program on the credit card, such as hotel points; you may earn enough for future flights or discounted hotel stays. 

Final Thoughts 

If you have everything planned out perfectly and step by step, you’ll have nothing to worry about. We’re not sugarcoating this, but this is the only way you get every second to enjoy with your spouse and friends rather than stressing over the details. When couples juggle all the wedding stuff, demanding jobs, and personal obligations your wedding can lose the attention it needs. Thankfully, a wedding planner can save your most invaluable currency, and that is time.